Tuesday, October 21, 2008

the pressures of trying to conceive

The whole will we/can we have children thing can be a little stressful. I've touched on the issue of others feeling they have an investment in the decision, adding a little pressure to the whole equation.

People react differently to stress.

I tend to rant, cry, talk, write, walk my way through the tough spots.

I'm a woman, I can't write on behalf of how this makes a man feel.

Today's Age reported one man's response to the pressure-to-conceive.



Repeated sexual assaults and a couple of digital rapes.

Responses people? I am too flabbergasted for words right now.

Snipped from Other Rants

Melbourne massage therapist, Adam Alikakos, is up on five charges of indecent assault and two of rape. He doesn’t appear to be denying the accusations and expects a custodial sentence according to The Age.

Mitigating circumstances? Stress.

Julie Sutherland, for Alikakos, said her client and his wife were under pressure from family and friends to have children and during the time of his offending he had become stressed out about their failure to do so.
"He said that over the years he felt more and more at fault as a man and more and more emasculated," she told the court.


Ken said...

There is no adequate response.

You documented the fact.

We then take a breath and hope that life's ugliest does not destroy our appreciation for its most beautiful details.

anodyne said...

"First, let's kill all the lawyers"
has been said already by a smarter mind than mine; and Ken's response above is also mine.

'bad women made me do it' is a gobsmacker coming from a female lawyer - and if she thinks there is ANY EXCUSE for rape, she should be looking over her shoulder for male relatives of the Victims.

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