Sunday, March 29, 2009

strangers at a fair

I was at a school fete, so the conversation that followed was not unexpected.

Chatting to an old friend about politics, the economy and the like, a mate of his rocked up. Introductions were made, their daughters are best buddies. In the small talk that followed the obvious question arose, “How do you two know each other, through your kids?”

I smiled, “No we go way back. Twenty years or more. “, I looked at the man I’d known for half my years on earth, “His life before children.”

The unknown guy’s eyes kind of glazed. Life before children, I could almost hear his mind muttering. A wistful, nostalgic look.

Without children, there are not these convenient demarcations. Our entire life is pre, or rather without, children. No bookends. No previous life suspended in animation, ceased to be.

It’s times like these, I don’t miss having children at all!

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