Monday, May 11, 2009

On Mother’s Day and Growing Up

House One: My mother is very religious!
House Two: is she a fanatic?
House One: No, a church!

Boom Boom.

- Full text from an old Muppet Show Sketch (the Paul Williams Episode)

My mother isn’t religious, so she worships herself. Thus, Mother’s Day is a Big Deal in our family.

I got away with just doing a lunch this year, so while 11-3pm were taken, I gleefully planned to check out a friend’s gig at 4pm. But then we went and had a banquet Greek lunch, mum and I shared two bottles of champagne and I got a severe case of the CBFs. When will I learn? NEVER MATCH MOTHER DRINK FOR DRINK.

Anyway. I was thinking about my lovely sister in law, celebrating her second mother’s day. I know a few people who have ‘crossed over’ to the celebrated, rather than the celebrator, a few of whom are younger than me. And it makes me feel like they’ve made this big adult step, since parenthood = your ticket to being a real adult.

I’m never going to have children, so Mother’s Day for me will always mean I’m the kid. Can you properly be considered an adult, especially by your parents, if you never partake in that final rite of passage?

It doesn’t bother me, since I’m already going to go down in history as the World’s Oldest Busted Drag Queen Manchild, but I wonder how proper, sensible child free adults handle it? Is it harder to be looked upon as an adult if you’re always celebrating Mother’s Day as the kid?

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