Saturday, January 9, 2010

even barren ones can be too busy to blog

Phew Christmas is out of the way. Just how much plastic, non-recyclable crap got wasted on the kids who have too much around the globe, I wonder?

Sorry, that last statement may lumber me in the bitter and twisted barren camp but actually I’m not, hence my decision to not join the facebook group entitled “Not Having Children: Let's make a deal: You keep your little monsters under control, and I will continue to slow down in school zone.” But just for the hell of it I’ll post some of the wall links from the group, you decide if it’s bitter or funny.

7 helpful tips for the child who made my flight hell: Oh we’ve all been there, got snuggled in for a long haul flight only to find next to us, across the aisle or behind us is the child from hell. No let’s rephrase that. There are no “bad” toddlers, only bad parents who should not be allowed to travel on long haul flights with their children until they’ve been appropriately trained.

Why the fuck do you have a kid?: A very scary site depicting the parents to be and the kids that could have been avoided with decent contraception education.

STFU, Parents: for those who want to rant about their once fun friends, now boring parents, kid-centric FB updates.

Breeder bingo (will need a Facebook account to access graphic) Actually, I found this one hilarious.

For the record – all my friends’ children are absolutely unique, darling individuals. I don’t critique their parenting and I’m glad so many of my stunningly intelligent and artistic peers have done their bit to enhance the gene pool. It’s other people’s children that I wouldn’t want to sit next to on a long haul flight!


Anonymous said...

I love this place.

And I love

Another Outspoken Female said...

Thanks for the link - they had also linked to breeder bingo

It's worth clicking on the original card to read the comments and replies like this:

I home school my 12 children and the Lord has blessed us.

You have a FEW reasons for not having children, but here are 101 reasons for having children, o ye barren heathen!

Posted by: Christian Brood Marm | April 05, 2006 at 05:09 PM

Thank You, Christian Brood Marm! Speak the Truth, Sister!
101 reasons indeed! My personal favorite is #5: "It's an honor for the Lord to use my womb again." These poor angry folks must be jealous because they have never known the joys of having the Lord move betwixt their wombs.

I want to change the blog title to "Barren Heathen" now!

Anonymous said...

*bile rising* - oh wait, that could just be vomit.