Sunday, November 27, 2011


A short post today…

Can someone please explain to me why my opinion(s) on bringing up kids, that when I give it/them, (and just so we are on the same page here, I give it respectfully and calmly…)

Doesn’t seem as though it/they is/are valued?

Have put up a few points for discussion with a couple that I know and am very close too (and yes, this is only one example I know) and there pretty much is always a change in timbre of the voice and accompanying communication in return from both parents when I reply to something said to do with the children and how they are progressing with various challenges, and how one might intervene to modify this course slightly.

Why is this…?

Is it because I and my partner don’t have kids and thus we are deemed inappropriate in regards to opinions on child rearing?

That is my immediate thought and they say the first thing you usually think is probably correct.

And for my second piece of evidence, add to that my weird “bodylanguageOmeter” that I was born with which does let me down on occasion but I would argue is pretty bloody spot on for the most part, which usually picks the change quicker than the Bureau Of Meteorology can with their whizz-bang technology.

Hmmm…nothing I can unfortunately change but tis food for thought.


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Another Outspoken Female said...

Because we don't have kids we OBVIOUSLY know nothing. Just like there couldn't be a woman on earth who'd choose an obstetrician or gynaecologist who didn't have girly bits or hadn't had a baby.