Thursday, May 3, 2012

would Gillard cop less flack if she had children?

Julia Gillard, patron saint of the deliberately barren, under fire once more for her choice to be childfree.

And, to be frank, the fact that Gillard has no children perhaps also limits her exposure to what’s happening in the world outside the rarefied corridors of Canberra or the Melbourne dinner party set. If the PM moved in broader circles or had better political instincts then this would not be an issue but it seems as though she needs every avenue to the outside world she can get and kids can be a great – if often unwelcome – conduit to what’s really going on. Joe Hildebrand

And an interesting analysis by Tim Dunlop on why she’s copping so much flack.

Our little corner of the world seems to be growing increasingly more conservative. 

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Clyde said...

....marginally less I think, but nothing significant.

The real reason she cops it bad is because she is a woman and is taking on the men who seem to think they have a monopoly on politics.

I mentioned this at the lunch table the other day and surprisingly noted that the majority of people realise this fact thus I hope they will take that thought to the next election so even if our conservative sides rule the day via a still undecided Europe/poor financial outlook Mr Abbott may not get the majority he wants.

I am going to go on record that Labor will be beaten but not by much. The independents will remain strong on the cross-bench and The Greens will pick up another 4-5% of the vote overall.
Mr Abbott may win but he certainly will have to polish his negotiating skills if indeed his government is to pass legislation...!