Sunday, January 11, 2015

One regret on being childfree?

Kitty Flanagan writes in Fairfax about being childfree. For her, there's no earth shattering angst over becoming, what she likes to call, a "barren spinster".

 "For me, it just didn't happen. I simply never met the right person and it wasn't something I wanted to do on my own. Sometimes it's just the luck of the draw."

Her only regret? It's a corker!

If I regret one thing about not having children, it's the fact that, apparently, it precludes me from having an opinion on parenting. Any thoughts I might have about raising children are inadmissible. I am not a mother ergo I do not get to have an opinion on motherhood. Which is curious because I get a lot of opinions about my standup from people who have never done standup.

On the rare times broken through the impenetrable cone of smug motherhood and proffered a sensible suggestion, I've been met with often stunned and surprised looks. The one that's a cross between "wtf?" and "that might just work?". You see, in my professional life I actually work with children (keeping them well),   nannied a small baby, attended births, actually been pregnant (however briefly) and shared a house with three children under the age of three. Oh and I was one myself once and am been blessed with a remarkably good memory.

Many people go into parenthood with less experience, yet they're meant to instantaneously know it all.

Strangely, the majority of women in this country with private health insurance choose to be cared for by a male obstetrician. A person who has never been pregnant, has no idea how mind corroding tiring gestation is, nor ever managed to push out a babe himself. Yet he can be an expert.

It takes a village to raise a child, so perhaps it's time to give the childfree members of the tribe our dues.

I'm doing the world a favour simply by not being a parent. Cos no doubt I'd have been just as tedious as the rest of them. That's right, my barren spinsterhood has spared you all and you are welcome.
Thanks Kitty!